Weekend Recommendations 4/20-4/22

Phoenix (2014, FilmStruck) Christian Petzold’s 2014 drama Phoenix is a near masterpiece.  It follows the story of Nelly Lenz (Nina Hoss), a Jewish nightclub singer who survived the horrors of Auschwitz.  Left horribly disfigured from a bullet wound, she undergoes a series of facial reconstruction surgeries. Nelly returns to Berlin in search of her husband … Continue reading Weekend Recommendations 4/20-4/22

Review: Spider-Man and the Marvel Machine

Before beginning the review, I must offer a confession:  I am not an admirer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Seeing as I have yet to watch an enjoyable superhero movie, I’m on the opposite end of the movie-going spectrum.  However, I did my best to drop all comic-based preconceptions and give Spider-Man: Homecoming an unbiased … Continue reading Review: Spider-Man and the Marvel Machine